Spring into Summer Fashion!

Father’s Day just so happened to be the 1st day of Summer, and living in Florida, I can tell ya it was a hot one!  Don’t we say that every year?!

With this hot weather upon us, it’s time for some fun Summer fashion.

I took it upon myself to sip on muh wine, while painting my nails a fun Summer-y color.  I chose, Essie’s Sunday Funday.  How fun – ha, see what I did there?  Maybe it’s the wine talking?!

essiesundayfundaySuch a nice color.  There’s a bit of a glittery hue to it also, but I don’t think the camera picked it up.  It’s there though, promise!

summer styleI wore a tank top I got from Kohl’s, along with one of those ‘bib style‘ necklaces (also from Kohl’s).  I was at work, so I paired it with some Miss Me jeans and this mustard colored boyfriend cardigan from Target.  I thought this look came together quite nicely.  Simple, with a touch of class.


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