Inside Out – Disney Pixar Movie

Inside Out
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I took the kids Friday night, to see the new Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out!  It was a cute movie for the whole family.  It was last minute, but I’m glad we decided to go.

It’s basically a movie about a girl and the ‘voices inside her head’.  (OK, so when I explain it that way, it almost sounds kind of creepy, doesn’t it?)  Well, it’s far from that though!

There are the different emotions a person feels, and they are each, different characters in the movie.  I think the movie was a good example of how all of our emotions work in our lives.  Some movie critics even said the movie changed the way they understood their own emotions.  Pretty serious, right?!

I’m a BIG fan of Disney Pixar movies anyways, so naturally, I was excited to see this!

Thankfully, I didn’t end up crying in this Disney Pixar movie!  I sure was close though!

The kids, ready for the movie!
          The kids, ready for the movie!

Have any of you seen Inside Out yet?  If so, what did ya think about it?


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