Becoming Junior Rangers

With it being 2 weeks into Summer break, I’ve been trying to compile a list of things to do with the kids.  Mostly, cheap and/or free!  Really, who has time for all that money spendin’?


So, I pulled out my trusty iPad and got to researching.  Found a great website filled with local things to do,  Some how or another, Junior Ranger’s popped up.  Apparently, our local State Park – Lake Griffin State Park – has this awesome program!

Basically, you can go to your local State or National Park(s) and ask if they have the Junior Ranger program.  If they do, they’ll get you a packet that your kids will fill out.  Once it’s filled out, you turn it in and get a patch/pin.  How awesome?

For $5, I’ll take it!  Well, that’s the admission price to get into said State Park. You’ll have to check your local parks to see what the costs are.  We spent about an hour and a half at the park, filling out what we could.  Then, we took a nature walk and headed home.  The playground was too hot to play on, as it was in the middle of the sun with no shade.

With trying to buckle down and save money, I thought this was an awesome idea.  State and National parks have a lot to offer, too.  In fact, Friday is my next day off, and we plan on picking another park to spend the morning/afternoon.  I think packing a picnic would be ideal!

Here are my soon to be Junior Rangers:

Junior Ranger Junior Ranger

Epic Mommy Adventures

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